QA Apprenticeship Skills Checksheet, v1.1

APPRENTICE NAME _________________________

MENTOR NAME _____________________________

APPRENTICE START DATE ___________________

Use this skills sheet to guide your Vokal QA apprenticeship. Have your mentor sign off by placing their initials next to each item. Sign-offs can involve work reviews, verbal Q&A, observation on a project, or any other means.

Note that you also must complete the Shared Skills Checksheet to officially complete your apprenticeship.

Bullet points are suggestions of material to cover in a sign-off, along with any relevant reading material or tutorials for particular items.

_____ QA tools

_____ Ticket Writing

_____ Bug Identification

_____ QA Project Lifecycle

_____ Optional skill (Security): _________________________________________

_____ Optional skill (Accessibility): ____________________________________

I hereby certify that the above named apprentice has completed all skill requirements for the Vokal QA Apprenticeship program.

Your Department:_________________________________

Department Head Name:____________________________

Department Head Signature:_______________________

Completion Date:_________________________________