Apprenticeship: Lessons Learned

This is a living document where we'll keep a record of lessons we've learned, good and bad, with the Apprentice program so far. This document will be updated regularly after overall retros with Apprentices are completed, but if you have other feedback you wish to include, open a PR immediately.


Because we have limited bandwidth for selecting both Apprentices and Mentors in comparison to the number of applicants, there are a few things we've seen that help in narrowing down the field:

Selecting Apprentices

Selecting Mentors

During The Apprenticeship

Once the apprenticeship begins, there are several other things we've seen that can help lead to a higher success rate in the program:

For Apprentices

For Mentors

After The Apprenticeship

There should be regular follow-up with graduates of the Apprentice program to see how they're doing - and particularly once they've been working independently for a while, how they feel the program could be improved.