Objective-Clean is an app which helps facilitate automatically checking style in Objective-C. When set up properly with the Vokal style files, this app will give you warnings for various style inconsistencies.

We have a site license available for Objective-Clean. Use is therefore strongly encouraged.

Download the trial version of Objective-Clean from the website. Upon running the app successfully, a dialog box will appear in which you can enter our license information.

Note that the style files do not cover all of our code standards, as Objective-Clean only covers certain formatting options. You and your code reviewer are still responsible for keeping an eye out for anything the app might have missed. It is, however, a great way to keep from getting "Hey, you missed a bracket on the wrong line" comments in code review.

Initial Setup

If nobody on your project has already set up Objective-Clean the steps to do so are pretty simple. Here are the steps:


Make sure you commit your Style Settings file with the project so all members of a team are getting warnings based on the same style.

Ignoring Specific Lines

Note that if you ever need to have Objective-Clean skip a part of your file because you're breaking the rules for a good reason, you can force it to skip with a specially formatted comment:


//The code you want to ignore


If you want to prevent Objective-Clean from throwing a warning when it runs on a computer without the appropriate app installed, update the warning line which is added by the app to instead just echo the following: echo "NOTE: You have to install and set up [app name] to use its features!"

More documentation is available at the Objective-Clean site

Vokal Limitations