Front End Web Testing

A practical configuration for Angular is available in Vokal Seed.

Test Coverage

Front end tests should provide assurance that

Front end tests should not focus on

Testing Structure

Test suites should provide the following benefits:

Testing Structure

Running Tests

Configure scripts in package.json to run tests with simple commands like npm test.

E2E Testing Angular

Use Protractor, there is a complete sample setup in Vokal Seed.

Unit Testing Angular

Use Karma, there is a complete sample setup in Vokal Seed.

Code Coverage Tools

Istanbul should be used to generate code coverage. The configuration for doing so varies based on the test framework but samples for Karma and Protractor are in Vokal Seed.

Testing with BrowserStack Automate

When running E2E tests on Drone, use BrowserStack Automate as there are no browsers installed on Drone.