Drone is a Docker-based CI server. All Systems projects at Vokal run through it before being merged into their staging environments. It is integrated with GitHub using a service hook, which triggers a drone build when a PR is opened to the master repo.

A drone build consists of a sequence of steps defined in the .drone.yml, which should be defined on the top level of the repo. An example .drone.yml would look like:

    image: python:3.5
        - DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres:whatever@
        - SECRET_KEY=whatever
        - REPO_OWNER=vokal
        - REPO_NAME=my-repo-name
        - ENVIRONMENT=drone
        - ./sql:/opt/flyway-3.2.1/sql/
        - sleep 5
        - pip install -r requirements.txt
        - flyway -url=jdbc:postgresql:// -locations=filesystem:./sql -user=postgres -password=whatever migrate
        - nosetests -v --with-coverage --cover-package=app --cover-xml
        - export CVR_URL="https://cvr.vokal.io/coverage?commit=$DRONE_COMMIT&owner=$REPO_OWNER&repo=$REPO_NAME&coveragetype=cobertura"
        - curl -F coverage=@coverage.xml $CVR_URL

To get your repo added to drone contact one of the senior devs.