Vokal Project Maintainers

Each individual team within the engineering department builds a number of internal tools and libraries that are used throughout the business. These projects need leaders to ensure that
they stay up to Vokal standards and evolve in a productive manner. Project Maintainers are completely voluntary. If you are a Level 2 or higher engineer within Vokal's engineering team
you are eligible to lead an internal project. A Project Maintainer has full read/write access to the repositories that they manage. Similar to how our Senior Engineers are the final stage
in the code review process for client-facing projects, a Project Maintainer's signoff is the final stage for internal projects. If you would like to take over maintenance for a particular
project, let your manager know and they will get you set up.

Once you are the maintainer on a particular project, make a note somewhere near the top of the project's README.md:

Sample Project

Maintainer: @scottferg